Our director

Fredy Valentin Chiara

Director of the Dance Company, Dances of Peru.
Heir of a large family of Ayacucho Scissors Dancers
Graduated from the Superior National Folklore School, José María Arguedas, in the specialty of Dance.
Ex-dancer of the Peruvian National Folklore Cast.
Ex-Dancer of the cast of Brisas del Titicaca.
In 1997 he emigrated to Los Angeles, forming the ballet folkloric group, “Peru un solo Pueblo” and later creating the dance company “Dances of Peru”
They participated in the homage to the legendary Peruvian singer “Imac Sumaq” and in the Special Olympics World Games in the City of Los Angeles among other presentations.
Since 2002, Fredy Chiara continues to present show after show of great caliber and essence in diverse theaters throughtout various cities of the United States.

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