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Dances of Peru

Dances of Peru is a Los Angeles based cultural project, led by choreographer Freddy Chiara, whose mission is the preservation of the ancestral dances born in the Andean and Coastal regions of Peru. Each presentation involves a professional ensemble of Los Angeles musicians and a troupe of more than twenty dancers who enhance the magnificence of live folklore.

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About us

Our  mission is to preserve and promote our culture through folkloric dance, while maintaining and placing value on the traditions and customs of our country. Our end goal is to present a spectacle that is appreciated by people of diverse cultures and nationalities. 

Peruvian Folkloric Dance Team

Dances of Peru takes our dancers to the max! Our coaches are serious about making Dances of Peru the #1 Dance Team in the Long Beach area and are always on the lookout for the dancers who will help us get there.

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